a contest & event for all climbers!

New holds, great setters, groovy tunes and much more ….!

Flashtest is an event organised for everyone. A Saturday full of climbing new routes and/or boulders on world class holds, good music, side-events, workshops and a cosy dinner to end the day. Flashtest is an event recurring every semester in all our gyms. The Flashtest concept is the same, but every location has its own specific program. Check dates & programs below for more information about the program on your location!

Our Mountain Club is of course more than welcome. In the morning we host youth only with a special program. All Mountain Club members are welcome between 09:00 and 12:00. Your trainers will provide more specific times and information prior to the event.

For each Flashtest edition we set new routes and/or boulders (depending on the location) with world class holds. The grades of these routes float between 5a and 7c. The goal is to – you’ve probably guessed it by now – flash* every route or boulder.

*Flash /flaʃ/ noun 1. Climbing a route on the first try (with prior knowledge of the moves; i.e. after watching another person climb the route, or given beta).

1. You have only one try for every route (flash)
2. If you fall, come down and untie so the next in line can try
3. Remember which zone you’ve reached
4. Write down the score in your scorecard

The routes have random numbers. You can recognize them on their special Flashtest label. The grades of the routes are unknown, which means it is your job to estimate the difficulty and give it a go.

For every edition we will invite 2 external setters. Together with the local setting team they provide the routes and/or boulder. We will exchange sets of holds with our other locations, so at each edition you can expect new, freshly, world-class holds. How great is that!

But, Flashtest is not only about the contest. During the day you can participate in several side-events & workshops. For example; a masterclass of an athlete, a lead climbing clinic or any subject, climbing-related of course. Check the dates & programs for specific info about the side-events and workshops on your location.

We take care of food, drinks and proper music. After all the hard climbing and activities, we will serve a healthy and vegetarian meal for anyone who is interested. In the gym during the contest DJ CMPLXTY and DJ SOMEONE will turn the tables and take care of the grooves.

Our valued partner La Sportiva will be Flashtest’s sponsor for the coming years. In addition to providing the Flashtest t-shirts, they also provide great prizes and material for the prize raffle. At each location, the winners of Flashtest can choose a pair of La Sportiva shoes of their choice!


Locatie Data
Amsterdam Zaterdag 18 februari 2023
Arnhem Zaterdag 25 februari 2023
Nieuwegein Zaterdag 4 maart 2023
Leeuwarden Zaterdag 11 maart 2023
Rijnboulder Zaterdag 18 maart 2023
Dordrecht Zaterdag 25 maart 2023


Participation flashtest / t-shirt free
Food € 12,50  
Participation flashtest / t-shirt € 17,50 
Food € 12,50 



Amsterdam Za 18-02
Arnhem Za 25-02
Nieuwegein Za 04-03
Leeuwarden Za 11-03
Rijnboulder Za 18-03
Dordrecht Za 25-03