Simon Duverney

Simon Duverney

uiagm ski- en berggids

Who is Simon Duverney?

Date of birth: 1988

Nationality: French

Languages: French and English

Qualifications: UIAGM ski- and mountainguide

UIAGM guide since: 2013

Working for Mountain Network since: 2012

Can you explain why you like the mountains so much and why you like to work with people so much?

In the mountains you’ll get cold like never before, be tired, have blisters… so why does this attract me so much? For me the mountains are attractive  in 3 different ways:

1 The Beauty! First of all I do think that the views are amazing up there. It doesn’t take long to be agree with that. Having the chance to see the sunrise from the top of a mountain, is a spectacular experience.

2 Human challenges! In order to get this opportunity, you’ll need to take serious humain challenges. That is for me the second aspect that pushes me. In order to go to the top of any mountain, the right decisions needs to be taken, thinking of many factors like the climbers condition, the weather forecast or altitude… This team job is for me the most interesting part of the high mountain guide job, keeping in mind that the goal is to be safe and have some fun.

3 Feelings! The fun, leads me to the third thing that I like while being in the mountains. The feelings to ski in the powder, or arriving at the top of a peak are simply unique.

Cllimbing, skiing and practicing alpinisme definetly gives me motivation to meet more people, to find new challenges and to travel around the world with a purpose!

Don’t dream your life, live your dream!

How many times did you climb Mont Blanc?

I guess more than 35 times..

Did you win any awards or did you do any special courses?

  • I became French Ice Climbing Champion in 2012!
  • I competed in the Ice Climbing World Cup from 2011 until 2015.
  • I won the international Ice Climbing competition in Ouray (USA) in 2013

What are the most beautifull climbs you did?

Mountain Height Route Country Year
Monte Poi 2500 Story about dancing dogs Kenya 2011
Castleton tower 2000 North Chimney Japan 2017
Unamed peak in Suusamyr 3500 East Ridge Kyrgustan 2018

What are the hardest climbs you did?

Mountain Height Route Country Year
Breitwangflue 3000 Flying Circus Switserland 2015
Dolomiti 2500 Illuminati Italy 2014
Grandes Jorasses 4200 Colton Mc Intyre France 2012


Mountain Height Route Country Year
Bhagirathi 6400 La Feé Chlochette India 2011
4 pigs peak 5120 Les rescapés de la forêt magique China 2014
Mount Kenya 5199 Diamond butress Kenya 2011