Safety rules auto belay climbing


The following safety rules must be followed at all times, to ensure your safe usage of the Auto Belay. A climbing proficiency certificate or a certificate for the Auto Belay is always mandatory. If you are 18 years or older and have no certificate, you can climb on the Auto Belays under the supervision of climber with a certificate. A maximum number of 2 guests per experienced climber applies.

Safety Rules

  • Harness correctly tightened
    Is the hip belt well above the hip and are the leg loops tightened? Check that all buckles are re-inserted.
  • Partner check with another climber
    Let another climber check to see if your harness is correctly tightened and if you are clipped in on the auto belay. Partner checking is mandatory with every ascend!
  • Carabiner on binding loop (only applies for climbing in MN Heerenveen, in MN Arnhem we have the Self Belay system of Walltopia)
    The binding loop (also called belay loop) is the only place where the carabiner of the auto belay needs to be clipped in. Have you clipped  in the carabiner in the right place?
  • No materials on your harness
    An empty harness is a safe harness. Make sure nothing is on your harness and that nothing can drop down.
  • No one in your descend zone when descaling the wall
    Check to see if no one is in your descend zone when descaling the wall.

Auto Belay Climbing

  • Not possible for children aged 4 and under.
  • Ages 5 to 13, under the supervision of a parent/guardian (who possesses an Indoor Toprope Climbing Certificate).
  • From 14 years old, independent (if in possession of an Indoor Toprope Climbing Certificate).