Are you a student and do you need to clear your head every now and then? Visit Noardwand and exchange your mental challenge for a physical one! A good balance between mental and physical activity is important for optimal performance. That is why we charge special rates for students, we offer ->

      Are you studying in Leeuwarden and would you like climb or boulder with us? Mountain Network offers you a membership for €52.50 per month. This allows you to climb during off-peak hours;  during the week from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. If you prefer to boulder, the costs are €42.50 per month.
      If you want to climb when it suits you, we have a different offer. The costs for this subscription are €60 per month. With this subscription you can use all the facilities we have to offer 7 days a week, during Noardwand’s opening hours. The costs for a boulder subscription are €50.00 per month.

You can take out your subscription at our counter.

Why would you start climbing being a student?

studenten korting klimmen en boulderen mountain network noardwandClimbing is a complete workout for your body. It helps improve your cardiovascular health, coordination and builds strong muscles. You will also be challenged mentally, but probably in a different way than your studies! A good physical condition and the exciting way in which you learn to deal with challenges are skills and qualities that you gradually learn  while climbing. These will certainly benefit your learning process. So that’s a bonus!

And where better to do learn these new skills in the most modern climbing center of Friesland. Here you can climb, boulder and relax in our mountain sports café! In the summer  our outdoor wall is open. We have an active climbing community and organize fun events throughout the year.

Even more reasons to come climbing with us ->

  • Unlimited access to all facilities of all climbing and bouldering centers of Mountain Network*
  • 10% cash discount on the regular sales prices in the Mountain Shop
  • 10% cash discount on regular sales prices in our catering industry
  • 10% cash discount on regular rental prices
  • 10% cash discount on courses in the climbing centers and in the Ardennes
  • Free basic Indoor Toprope climbing course
  • Free Mountain Fit Trainings
  • … and more! Click here for all the benefits of a Mountain Network subscription.

* The exception is the RijnBoulder subscription, this subscription also gives access to the bouldering and training facilities at other locations, but not to the climbing facilities. Do you also want to climb at other locations? Then you can take out a subscription for the climbing hall in Arnhem or convert your RijnBoulder subscription to this climbing hall.

Basic Climbing Course

Klimmen voor studenten, MN NoardwandIn addition to the many extras that come with the subscription, the free basic course also includes a value of € 130.00! With this course you can obtain your climbing certificate from the NKBV and you can climb in all Dutch climbing halls.

Would you like to experience whether climbing offers you the outlet you need? Then give it a try or join fellow students who are already bouldering and be inspired. You can also opt for an intro lesson wall climbing or a boulder lesson.

Do you want to register?

You’re welcome at the  Mountain Network Noardwand counter to get your subscription. Don’t forget to bring your proof of registration or valid student card.

Mountain Network NoardwandClimbing center Noardwand is located in Leeuwarden. Noardwand is one of the few climbing centers in the Netherlands that offers all three Olympic disciplines under one roof: lead, speed and boulder. Do you want to go wall climbing in addition to bouldering? Then take a basic climbing course and take the next step in your climbing career!

Mountain Network North Wall
Fiswerderweg 3
8917 EW Leeuwarden

T: 088-123 68 60
For information about our opening hours, rates and our climbing hall, visit our website.


The terms and conditions of our student subscriptions are:

  • Only for full-time students between 18 and 24 years old.
  • Only for students from Leeuwarden attending the schools: NHL/Stenden, Van Hall, Campus Fryslân and Firda Leeuwarden
  • Membership is concluded for a minimum of 3 months (standard membership conditions)
  • Show proof of registration or a valid student card (date of school year and name) at the counter.

Neem contact op voor meer informatie

Mountain Network Noardwand Leeuwarden
+31 (0)88 123 68 60 of mail: